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Areas Treated

Knee Pain — Knee Pain in Garden Grove,CA
☑ Knee Pain
☑ Hip or Labral Tears
☑ Shoulder Damage
☑ Chronic Neck Pain
☑ Chronic Back Pain
Back — Back Pain in Garden Grove, CA
☑ Elbow Pain
☑ Hand & Wrist Pain
☑ Foot & Ankle Pain
☑ Achilles
☑ Spine & Lower Back Pain
Ankle — Foot and Ankle Pain in Garden Grove, CA
☑ Arthritis
☑ Osteoarthritis
☑ Plantar Fasciitis
☑ Bone Fracture That Have Not Healed
☑ Pain Derived From Diabetes
Stage 1: Strains, muscle, ligament & tendon tears, overuse injuries, tendonitis & tendinosis, minor arthritis, joint maintenance, bulging or herniated discs, degenerative discs.

Stage 2: Severe strains, ligament & tendon tears (including complete tears), joint arthritis, degenerative joint conditions, torn spinal discs, degenerative discs, avascular necrosis, bone conditions and non-union fractures.

Stage 3: Severe injuries, arthritis, advanced degenerative conditions, more severe spine conditions.